Electron Media’s Post Highlighted on CNET Community!

Last month I wrote a post on the title Is Google Era Makes me a Dumber? and shared it on the CNET forums for the community???s opinions. Surprisingly it gained the attention of the CNET community moderator Lee Koo and he highlighted this topic/discussion thread on the community e-mailer. As a result CNET community members shared a lot of interesting opinions?? on this subject.





You can have a look at:

The e-mailer –

The discussion thread on the CNET forums –





100th Post of Electron Media – For a Change, It’s all about my Blog

Electron Media BlogWhen I have started this blog as a hobby few years back all I wanted was a platform to write things to share my thoughts with the world which is regulated by none but me Smile. I did not have a theme and infact I did not wanted one. People say if you are serious about blogging you should have a theme. I disagree. Blogging is not only about generate traffic rather it could also be about the things you love most and?? your blog could just reflect your passion about anything(s).

Infact I don???t have a big reader base, every month 98% of visitors of blog are first time visitors from search engines.

The major traffic attraction for my blog is about problems and solutions. In specific about unique solutions for the issues which are not easily cracked by others so far. When I write about generic subjects I know that my blog cannot compete with big blogs out there in the market but I won???t worry about it usually. I believe every individual???s blog has it???s own space across the vast internet.


Some Stats about Electron Media Blog

My blog ranked close to 600k on the Alexa Global Rank (for the past few months it swings between 550k-600k) ??? Not bad for a small blogger!




I am no big ‘socialmediaholic’ but i still started showing my presence there in the recent days.

I do have Google+ page



and a Facebook page as well!



How about Traffic

Electron Media gets about 15-16k page visits a month. You see I am a ???techie??? and no wonder my blog visitors and techies and professionals. So you will see my blog traffic precisely increases during weekdays and dips over weekends. After all, who would bang their heads with issues over the weekend?! If I would owned a fun blog then the traffic trend could have been reverse Smile




Top 10 Posts of my Blog So Far


Am i a Blogholic?

Not at all, since this blog is about my hobby and I have a big full time job to do, I am able to spend only couple of hours a week to update or add posts here. But I always have plans to make this blog bigger and better like any other freelance bloggers out there Smile


I hope that gives some useful (???) insights and fun facts about Electron Media!



Is Google Era Makes me a Dumber?

Being a Hardcore ???Techie??? and a Professional Developer, Google is one ultimate resource I cannot live without and just like most people I use it all the time to seek solutions for the issues I encounter on daily basis. Here is a question often flashes in me – Am I getting a dumber for hoping Google to find me all the answers before I even make an attempt to resolve it on my own??

Well, if I want to learn about ???Gal??pagos Islands??? and I had no clue about it, then there is nothing wrong in Googling and learn more about it. But my concern is related to technical issues and coding errors I face at my every day life. Whenever I face a coding error I am habituated to blindly copy the error message and Google for it and hope for someone faced that issue somewhere and have a solution ready for it. The trick works for most cases; But when there are unique issues and finding a solution is not that straight forward, I realize that I am struggling a bit to find a solution on my own which I use to do very well in the past. I feel like over the years my ability to crack the tough problems is slowly and steadily taken out of me as more and more I seek help from Google ???blindly???.

Too much goolging is bad?

In many other instances I would search extensively for hours for a solution Or I see someone suggests something on the internet forums, I try that, fail on it, try another again and again that would go on for hours. Finally, I would just spend few minutes to concentrate on the issue, use my experience and analyze some alternative options and was able find a solution on my own.

So I have started doing the reverse ??? every time I face a coding error or a technical issue, I would spend at least 10-15 minutes to analyze the issue and perform a self QA to make sure I have done everything correctly up to my knowledge, try some work around; If I can???t find any clue of what???s wrong then try to Google. Believe it or not, I see some positive changes on me with this approach. 1 – My self confidence and debug skills feels improves again, 2 ??? Occasionally I also save some time performing crazy search combinations and going through tons web pages/forums hunting for a solution.

As an added perk, I was able to find some unique solutions for many problems on my own and able to write about them on my blog as well.

Some of the unique solutions I have researched, to date contributed to the highest traffic and attraction on my blog till date than many other posts:

And I enjoy doing these stuff anyway!

As a final note, this is not an advice to anyone and I am only sharing my experience and I would be glad to hear from you if you have ever thought this way about using Google all the time.


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Making Changes to Copied Pivot Table/Charts without Affecting the Source

When working with complex excel reports you might want to make copies of pivot tables/charts with slight variations within a same workbook. When you make copies pivot table/charts (straightforward copy/paste) and edit the grouping/fields of the copied table you would notice the original/source table also changes inline with the copied table/chart.

Some blogs suggest the following steps:

  • make a copy of your pivot table
  • cut and paste the copied table into a new excel workbook
  • again cut and paste the pivot table from the new workbook back into original workbook

This way making changes to the cloned pivot table/chart will not affect the original table/chart.

However i have noticed this approach significantly increases the file size of the excel workbook because the entire pivot table???s source data replicated and increases the workbook file size. If your data source is large (e.g. 100,000 rows or more), this approach would result in huge file size increase for every copied pivot table/chart.


But based on some of the suggestions from excel forums with some of my trial and errors i have found the following alternative approach to tackle this problem:

Step 1 ??? Make your Copy of Pivot Table

Step 2 ??? Uncheck the ???Save source data with file??? and ???Enable show details??? from pivot table options




Step 3 ??? Create?? a new named range of your existing data source (Select your existing source data range and give it another name to create a new named range)




Step 4 ??? Perform a ???Refresh All??? and Change the data source of your copied/cloned pivot table into new named range. For example, your original pivot table uses Named Range ??? Inventory1 then your copied pivot table???s data source can be changed to Inventory2 (even though both name ranges refers to the same excel cell range)







Now if you make any changes to the copied pivot table (e.g. grouping/ungrouping or editing fields) then your original pivot table will not be impacted. Since both pivot tables are linked to same data source (through different named ranges), changes to source data will update both pivot tables. Also you are not packing the data into pivot tables so the file size of workbook would not increase either.


Here is a video demonstration for this:


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WordPress Not Sending E-mails on Shared Host – Troubleshooting Steps

When your wordpress blog hosted on a shared windows/linux platforms, you might encounter issues with wordpress auto generated E-mails. Some of the example scenarios when no e-mail notifications would trigger:

  • During new user registration
  • Password recovery
  • Comments Moderation


I am explaining 2 simple checkpoints to troubleshoot and fix these issues. These steps mainly apply when your wordpress blog is in shared hosting (windows or linux):


Step 1 ??? Ensure your PHP setup is capable of sending E-mails:

Create a test PHP script (e.g. testmail.php) with a code shown below and call this file to send a test e-mail:

Replace the with your recipient e-mail ID and with a valid e-mail ID from your domain (sender info).


<?php mail ('', "Test Subject", "Test Body Content", 'From: Admin <>'); ?>


If the e-mail received successfully then your PHP configuration is good and there are chances that your SMTP settings are to be configured. Fortunately, there is a plug-in to simplify this task.


Step 2 ??? Configure your SMTP settings. Download and activate the plug-in Configure SMTP. From your wordpress administration interface navigate to Settings > SMTP

Configure the following Settings:

  • Specify your SMTP host (usually it will be or
  • Check the Use SMTPAuth? box and provide a valid e-mail ID and password for your domain (your e-mail credentials used for logging into webmail or outlook)
  • Sender E-mail ??? Make sure you specify a valid E-mail ID here to avoid SPAM issues. For example, if you are sending as from your domain then either sending or receiving server can reject the message considering it as SPAM
  • Specify a sender Name (usually optional)
  • Save the settings and Try sending a test e-mail using the option available at the end of plug-in settings page. Hopefully now the e-mail notification would work properly.




Step 3 ??? If both the steps above fails, then consider sending e-mail via gmail (the very first setting above) Or Refer this page for some additional troubleshooting steps.


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