100th Post of Electron Media – For a Change, It’s all about my Blog

Electron Media BlogWhen I have started this blog as a hobby few years back all I wanted was a platform to write things to share my thoughts with the world which is regulated by none but me Smile. I did not have a theme and infact I did not wanted one. People say if you are serious about blogging you should have a theme. I disagree. Blogging is not only about generate traffic rather it could also be about the things you love most and?? your blog could just reflect your passion about anything(s).

Infact I don???t have a big reader base, every month 98% of visitors of blog are first time visitors from search engines.

The major traffic attraction for my blog is about problems and solutions. In specific about unique solutions for the issues which are not easily cracked by others so far. When I write about generic subjects I know that my blog cannot compete with big blogs out there in the market but I won???t worry about it usually. I believe every individual???s blog has it???s own space across the vast internet.


Some Stats about Electron Media Blog

My blog ranked close to 600k on the Alexa Global Rank (for the past few months it swings between 550k-600k) ??? Not bad for a small blogger!




I am no big ‘socialmediaholic’ but i still started showing my presence there in the recent days.

I do have Google+ page



and a Facebook page as well!



How about Traffic

Electron Media gets about 15-16k page visits a month. You see I am a ???techie??? and no wonder my blog visitors and techies and professionals. So you will see my blog traffic precisely increases during weekdays and dips over weekends. After all, who would bang their heads with issues over the weekend?! If I would owned a fun blog then the traffic trend could have been reverse Smile




Top 10 Posts of my Blog So Far


Am i a Blogholic?

Not at all, since this blog is about my hobby and I have a big full time job to do, I am able to spend only couple of hours a week to update or add posts here. But I always have plans to make this blog bigger and better like any other freelance bloggers out there Smile


I hope that gives some useful (???) insights and fun facts about Electron Media!


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