$8/month is all you may need for your smart phone!

Reduce mobile bill,reduce smartphone costWell, this is a not a post about any big techniques. What i am going to explain is very simple and straight-forward thing. Everyone owns a smart phone now a days and gets a bill of anywhere between $50 to $100 per month. But i have come across many people who are not making much use of ??unlimited talk/data schemes (i guess at least 10-15% of people).

So you can make use of all the features of a smart phone and yet you can get a lower bill? Here is how –

First of all don’t get into any contract phones. If you are not a gadget freak and always crazy about latest and greatest releases then you can probably buy a great condition used phone one or two versions older for cheap price from amazon or ebay.

Once you have an own phone without any contracts you can pick the right plans which works best for you. Analyze your scenario, if you are not a big traveler or commute for longer distances on daily basis then you would probably only need a limited amount of data or no data plans at all. Because you will have wi-fi at home and office and if you live in big cities you will have free wi-fi at most public places as well as you roam around.

It doesn’t mean you can never use any data outside the Wi-Fi areas. When you need it you can buy them as prepaid data packages. Check out your provider websites for prepaid data packages. For example with AT&T, you can buy 10MB data package for $5, and 25MB package for $10 and so on, which would be valid up to a month or you can also go for pay per use scenario.

What about talk and text. Again, it’s all depending on your scenario. Just like the Wi-Fi, most of us have (fixed) phones at home and office. So you may make the most of them for your calls. Everyone may not need unlimited text/talk. If you go for some prepaid schemes which does not attract any indirect fee or taxes (assuming you refill your prepaid phone online such as pinzoo.com) you will end up paying very little for the talk and text. Take again AT&T, their go-phone prepaid schemes could be best bet here. You can recharge for $25 that will keep your number valid for 3 months (10cents/min flat rate). Again, depending on your usage you can pick the right scheme here.

So take a most economical scenario, you have (fixed) phone and Wi-Fi at home and office and you don’t commute much and you would only use the data for limited amount outside that you can tackle by buying the prepaid data packages based on your needs. So you would only need $8 a month for your smart phone at the lowest (for text/talk usage only).

After all, It’s your hard earned money and you deserve a better control over it, isn’t?


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