Adventure Aquarium – Philadelphia

Recently we have visited the Adventure Aquarium located at Camden Waterfront at the border of Philadelphia and New Jersey. A fantastic place to visit with the family especially with Kids.

There are multiple options to reach there from philly:

1. By SEPTA buses, or by subways which connects philly and New Jersey.

2. Or you could choose the Ferry to sail through the water (it’s a good experience!) Ferry picks up at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia and drops off at the N.J. waterfront terminal. (Adult, $7; child, $6; round-trip).

You will get a very good of view battleship of New Jersey if you opt for Ferry Option.

We have chosen the Ferry and it was wonderful experience to see the Ben Franklin bridge very closely and battleship of New Jersey other small sailing ships and surfers, overall it was a pleasant experience worth trying.

You can buy the aquarium tickets online to avoid long queues.

Adults, $25; Children (2-12) $18. (Children under 2 are FREE).

Open Daily 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Once you enter the Aquarium you will forget everything else bother you. You will see hippos, hundreds of colorful fish, jellyfish, and creepy giant spider crabs, octopus, seals, penguins, big turtles, shark collection as you walk through a massive acrylic tunnel, shrimp, sea horse, other different types of fishes. You will be thrilled to see them so closely.

Most interestingly you can touch the sea stars, shrimp, jellies, stingrays and even sharks!!! Amazing and we are thrilled to touch them for the first time (where else one will dare to touch a shark!)

There is a special 4D Theater presentation. Quiet interesting!

Aquarium and exhibits are handicap accessible. ??Wear a good pair of shoes to enjoy as you need to walk a lot.

Adventure Aquarium is filled with the fascination of the sea. You will completely immerse yourself in watery world and will experience the life of aquatic at the Adventure Aquarium.

You won’t forget this journey and it may be one worth visiting again and again. Below are some of the photos which we clicked!




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