An easy way to delete/clear the photos from your iPad

It’s a simple thing, but it will keep you wondering why it’s so tricky to delete the pictures on your iPad at bulk or as a whole. Unfortunately there is no straight forward option for this to do from your iDevice itself ??(i wonder why apple have made it so).

Here are two simple options with a computer.

Option 1 – Without iTunes

1) Connect your iPad to a computer

2) Quit the iTunes if it auto launches

3) Go to the the windows explorer, the iDevice will be displayed like a digital camera along with your other drives

4) Now you can browse through the images folder like you do for your digital camera and delete all (or some) photos from there


Option 2 – With Tunes

1) Connect your iPad to a computer

2) Launch the iTunes and Select your device

3) Navigate to the “Photos” option

Quick way to delete Photos from your iPad/iPod/iPhone

4) Sync your Photos to some ‘empty’ folder

5) Apply to trigger the sync. Now all the photos from your iPad will be cleared/deleted instantly

You are all set!


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