Assigning Excel 2007 Macros to Buttons / Trigger VBA Macros from Buttons

Excel macros are excellent time savers. It is a good idea to assign some keyboard shortcuts to trigger them quickly to make the most of them. Alternatively we can trigger them from buttons as well as well (if you find it difficult to remember too many keyboard short cuts).

In this post I am going to explain how we can assign an excel macro for a button so that we can trigger the macro from the Excel Interface in one click.

From the Excel 2007 Quick Access Tool Bar (available at the top left next to the office button), select More Commands Option.

Excel 2007 Adding Macro to Quick Access Tool Bar


From the Choose Commands drop down select Macros option

Excel 2007 Assigning Macro to Button


You will now see the Macros available in the system. Select the macro you want to assign and Click on the Add button in the middle to move to the right box. Select Ok.

Now you will see the macro available as a button at the quick access toolbar at the top.

Adding Excel Macro to Quick Access Toolbar


Tip: You can change the icon if you want from the previous step


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