How to bulk export vCards from outlook

Here is a simple technique you can apply yourself to export all your vCard (.vcf) contact files from outlook. No paid tools (it’s a strange truth but there are some commercial tools exist for this purpose!) or macros necessary.

Step 1 – Visit your outlook contacts folder and select all your vCards you want to export

vCards export tool for outlook

Step 2 – While the contacts are selected, on the top ribbon navigate to Forward Contact (under share group) and choose option – As a Business Card

Contact files exporting from outlook


Step 3 – A new e-mail window will open up with all the vCards attached in it.

Exporting vcf files from outlook


Step 4 – Send the e-mail to yourself. Once the e-mail message received, keep it message in selection and navigate to File > Save Attachments

Extracting vCard contact files from outlook


Step 5 – Choose the location you want to save the exported contacts and save them. You are all set!


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