Can Microsoft Windows 8 be a game changer?

Why do I think so???After attending a 2 full day Jump Start session about windows 8 apps development from Microsoft, my perception about Windows 8 is completely changed, of course in a positive way!I feel Microsoft’s next big move and it’s industry impact not just going to be a fantasy.Microsoft wasn’t hasty to get into the tablets, when the market was flooded with 100s of tablet makers. They have waited long enough, learned the industry, the needs of the consumers, especially the pain point of the big corporates in merging into the tablet revolution.So why do I think Windows 8 and Surface going to be game changers

Reason 1 – ??A Perfect Hybrid for balancing Work and Life??
Surface and other similar windows 8 tablets are neither tablets nor laptops. Let’ s give them a new name how about Tablotop :) ? We can do everything we have been doing in a laptop with an experience of a tablet.Everyone enjoys their iPads, true! When we want to browse, watch movies do everything else for entertainment, great! But when it comes to work, of course the experience has not been easy. Just imagine how many files, e-mails, attachments and documents you will have to deal with in a working day. Imagine you are spending an entire working day work just with a tablet. It would be a nightmare to find workarounds for all your day to day activities, isn’t?Whether we like it or hate it, our work environments are so much centric to Microsoft technologies – Windows, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Internet Explorer, Windows Server – we can keep counting! iOS or Android may be personal gadget space winners, but at this point we cannot imagine a world without Microsoft technologies.Every day I have will have to live with an alter personality where I enjoy my personal hours with my tablet and work life with regular windows laptops. I will have to invest twice to buy both, transport them wherever I go, maintain them independently, buy software for laptop and apps for tablet (!)… a meaningful technology should simplify life. That’s where windows 8 going to shine.It is designed to flawlessly merge personal and professional computing.Reason 2 – It’s all about Money, Honey!I as an individual have to invest about $700 for a decent laptop and another $700 for a decent tablet like iPad. If I can get a hybrid (Tablotop) which does the jobs of both for about $700 it’s definitely a good deal for me!Just as an individual if i can save so much, think of cost saving for large organizations.

  • They don’t need to invest twice in hardware
  • They don’t need to invest twice for upgrades
  • They don’t need to invest on software for laptop and apps for tablets
  • They don’t need to invest in making everything compatible for tablets

The last point is absolutely crucial in my view. The organizations deals with so many intranet sites, systems, applications, training programs, almost their entire IT infrastructure currently required to be made compatible to access in two ways. They are already making a lot of investment in making their systems compatible with tablets.

At the end of the day a large pie of budget reserved for this purpose and sooner or later everyone will realize the fact that they are spending twice for accomplishing one task. Switching to Windows 8 platforms will bring in unbelievable savings for them. It will bring their IT spending under control and all systems will be developed to work in one universal central platform. The change management and maintenance will inherit this model will result in huge cost savings.


Reason 3 – Apple, the top dog

It’s no secret, Apple won’t bow to anyone. They have their own rules. They are not going to allow apps development beyond their world (mac based) easily, they are not going to bring in USBs, HDMIs of the world, one of the most expensive tablets range, you make apps and they make money, you buy apps and they still make money. The music industry and the telecom industry just have to listen to what they say. Just how long this dominance going to last? I don’t think it can last until the world can find a better replacement.

Take Android. How many of us would have expected that it’s going to gain almost half the smart phone market share and going to grow as number one iOS competitor few years back. That’s the moral, the world constantly changes and adapts to better technologies when they emerge. Could Windows 8 platform be that better technology?


Reason 4 – Microsoft Indeed have done an Impressive Job with Windows 8 Platform

Develop one and be done! Just develop one App/System, make their User Interface (UI) to work in all screens (tablet, laptop, smart phone) and you are done. All the functionalities of a laptop and the richness of a tablet combined into one place as a device in my hand.

I will be using all my everyday software as is, and make use of fancy apps whenever I need. The organizations required to develop their systems and applications just targeting one universal rich platform.

Ok, what about developers community. A technology cannot succeed on its own without tons of passionate and creative developers and their happy consumers.

The windows 8 apps development becomes super attractive with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies. You simply don’t need to invest much to develop good stuff. All you need will be just HTML5 and its peers which are open source technologies and tons of expert developers already standing by.

To simplify the Windows 8 apps development Microsoft has developed its own JS library called WinJS. It looked very strong and easy to adopt quickly. The visual studio express (the free IDE version of visual studio pro) makes the app development even easier.

All in all, I will just need a windows 8 compatible device to get started as a developer and everything else available handy.

Another surprising aspect is the way JavaScript implemented in windows 8. The JavaScript is longer a browser technology, from windows 8 onwards it became a client technology (the apps can be completely built with HTML5, CSS3 and JS).

Of course, the sample HTML5 based apps I have seen looked fabulous!



I am not trying to support or criticize anybody’s technology. After learning what’s in the plate on Windows 8, I am just sharing my views here as a consumer and developer. I also believe the Windows 8 platform as a whole is going to be game changer definitely for corporate and consumers. The question is, how fast?


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