Electron Media’s Post Highlighted on CNET Community!

Last month I wrote a post on the title Is Google Era Makes me a Dumber? and shared it on the CNET forums for the community???s opinions. Surprisingly it gained the attention of the CNET community moderator Lee Koo and he highlighted this topic/discussion thread on the community e-mailer. As a result CNET community members shared a lot of interesting opinions?? on this subject.





You can have a look at:

The e-mailer – http://nls.cnet.com/pageservices/viewOnlineNewsletter.sc?list_id=e497&send_date=10/18/2013

The discussion thread on the CNET forums – http://forums.cnet.com/7723-10152_102-603068/is-the-google-era-making-me-dumber/?tag=nl.e497&s_cid=e497&ttag=e497&ftag=CAD5920658




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