How to fix Storyline video playback issues related to MIME settings

So after all the hard work you have done to build your storyline course everything seems to work like a charm at your computer. But after hosted to your webserver or LMS, in place of videos what if you see empty black boxes?

Well, this could be because your hosted server is not configured to understand and respond to the video format file extension. For example, if you have an .mp4 video. The server has to understand .mp4 means a video and based on that it has to execute certain actions.

When this configuration is not done properly the video will not play in your course and you will face this issue.

Storyline video issue and MIME setting


To fix this issue, you will have to define your MIME setting properly. If you are the hosting administrator then you can configure this setting from the hosting control panel.

Most hosting providers would offer either parallel plesk or cpanel based control panel.


I am explaining the steps to configure MIME setting for a parallel plesk here.

From your control panel home navigate to

> Websites & Domains > Show Advanced Options > Virtual Directories


Storyline video playback issues

Parallel Plesk – Virtual Directory


Navigate to MIME Types tab.You can add a new MIME type here like shown below.


Adding MIME setting in Parallel Plesk Host Control Panel

Adding MIME setting in Parallel Plesk Host Control Panel


After the MIME type defined the videos your course should play properly.

Note: If you have a cpanel instead of parallel plesk. You can refer this page for instructions to add MIME setting:



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