Fixing USB communication error while unlocking/jailbreaking your iPhone

Recently i had a tough time in unlocking my old version of iPhone (3G). The unlock process usually requires some software like yellowsn0w! or redsn0w and the firmwire of the iOS version you are looking for (this is not the tutorial to unlock, please visit iclarified.com or similar websites for the detailed unlock process).

For most cases the process seems to be simple, once you install the software and download firmwire you will go through the redsn0w wizard to jailbreak. However i have come across one annoying error during this process and kept received the ‘USB communication error’ during the process. I have tried searching the web for the solution with no success.

But later i have found a work around myself which worked for my iPhone 3G. Instead of attempting a different firmwire versions i have downloaded the older version of jailbreak software redsn0w. I think the one worked for me was??0.9.12b1??while the latest version is??0.9.15b3 (as i write this post).

iPhone jailbreak USB communication error

I have also manually downloaded the entire firmwire and used the option ‘select IPSW’ to pick it from the redsn0w interface above.

I don’t know if this will resolve the USB communication error for every case but at least worked with me. I hope this tip saves somebody’s time exploring the solution for the same issue.

[Update] All the redsn0w versions available here for download


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  1. Elie says:

    Thanks man you really made my day I’ve been digging into the internet wondering wtf is that USB error and now its solved

    1. electron says:

      Glad to hear that!

      1. n3r0_angeLo says:

        how about with 3.1.3 ipsw? does it work?

        1. electron says:

          Not tried, but because it is older version it is likely to work.

  2. howard says:


    What is the firmware version do you have??? I used 3.1.2 (7D11) along with
    redsn0w 0.9.12.b1 and redsn0w said this redsn0w version do not support this
    firmware and it did not say what firmware it supports.


    1. electron says:

      I have used the version 4.2.1 firmwire and it worked fine with redsn0w 0.9.12

  3. Zlinks says:

    can u give link to download tat version redsnow?

    1. electron says:

      All the redsn0w versions are here for download:

      1. Ikaro says:

        this also works for me, i have this problem with the last version. Thank you so much

  4. ukchunk says:

    wonderful, thank you so much, this has been doing my head in, works on iphone 3g with working buttons.

  5. Webelwoble says:

    Thanks. You got me past the error and it looks like the iPod touch 1G is restoring to the custom IPSW. It’s funny I tried three different Redsn0w versions, I guess I should have kept experimenting.

  6. Yogesh says:

    if i jailbreak my 3g with firmware 6.0
    please guide me about this

    1. electron says:

      I have not tried this, but i suspect if the older version of redsn0w would support newer firmwware such as 6.0. Have you tried picking up firmware file manually selecting from redsn0w? It might work not sure though.

  7. mj says:

    Thanks so much..I’ve spent hours trying to do it with the new version and it kept coming up with the same error!

  8. Chris says:

    Thanks! But for Iphone 3G it wont work since this redsn0w version doesn’t support 4.2.1 ISPW to be manually specified )): I’ll try something else

  9. Ali says:

    thnx man

  10. Iphoneaddict says:

    Thank u so much!it rea;;y helps!

  11. Iphoneaddict says:

    Thank u so much!it really helps!

  12. Patrick says:

    Great Work!

    Tip: you can also use your iTunes backup. In windows 8 you can find it under map appdata-itunes-ipod software update.

    1. electron says:

      Thank you Patrick

  13. vanillasky says:

    i am currently doing the same with 4.2.1, i hope it works too. right now its in a blank screen but power on. i dont know how it should take but will be waiting

    1. electron says:

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. Please update us about your finding.

  14. Leo says:

    Thank you So much man!!! :D

    1. electron says:

      You are welcome!

  15. Alterbreaker says:

    This approach basically worked for me but with some minor differences. I too was experiencing the horrible usb communication error every time I tried to use redsn0w to enter pwned DFU mode. I have an iPhone 3g and was trying to use whited00r 6.0 Normal. Although all of these steps might night be necessary, here are the steps that fixed the problem for me:
    (For all of these steps I had my iphone connected and on and itunes running the entire time)
    – downloaded redsn0w 0.9.12b1 (might try with most recent version first if you already have it.
    – clicked on “select IPSW” and then browsed to my copy of the whited00r .ipsw and opened it. Unfortunately I got an error message saying that redsn0w doesn’t support it (hence this step might not be necessay, but I wanted to give you every detail in case it makes a difference).
    – clicked on the pwned DFU option in redsn0w…..and after hours of trying – Voil??!!! the program said my phone was in a pwned DFU mode in about 2 seconds and without me having to push any buttons. Weird right? Before that my phone was simply turned on and connected in the normal state.
    – after that, installing whited00r was just a matter of going to iTunes and doing option+click on the restore button and selecting the .ipsw file. Now my phone is faster and better than ever!

    1. electron says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sure this will help many others, greatly appreciate it!

      1. Anonymous says:

        What is the whited00r.6.0?

      2. Edwin The Den says:

        What is whited00r6.0??

        1. electron says:

          I think it is a software to install iOS 6 on the older versions of iPhone such as 2G which is not supported by apple

          1. Edwin The Den says:

            I am having all sorts of trouble. I have tried everything.
            I tried using 9.12 which i didnt get the usb communication error but no matter what process i do ( jailbreak options, restore, recovery fix, select ipsw) it does not finish and my 3g gets put into WTF mode. then i go to 9.15 to get it out but once i do i get Usb error and the circles goes on and on


          2. electron says:

            Why don’t you try a different software instead of redsn0w altogether like blackra1n or quickpwn

    2. Agent 47 says:

      This is also what I did with my old iPhone 3g with 4.2.1 and it worked great. Thanx

      1. Ed says:

        yo alterbreaker, that totally helped me too. mad props dude.

  16. Mitternachttier says:

    Thanks a lot, it seems that it worked for me and the infernal 3g

    1. electron says:

      Glad to hear that!

  17. Mr.Kec says:

    OMG! Thank You Thank You :D i’m pissed about the “USB comm error” but you helped me,, thank you :))

    1. electron says:

      You are welcome!

  18. teng8 says:

    thanks it’s work for me

    1. electron says:

      Glad to know it worked!

  19. seth says:

    Thanks man. Super frustrating before I found this.

  20. babacar says:

    thanks really it worked::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    1. electron says:

      Glad it helped!

  21. kumar says:

    Thanks a lot, that just worked like magic. current version of redsn0w, 15 troubled a lot for me. and 12 worked well

    1. electron says:

      Thank you for the feedback. Glad it helped!

  22. rodridelsolar says:

    Thnx greetings from Colombia!!!!

  23. Pierre-Louis says:

    Thanks a lot.

    Redsnow 9.15b1 + ipsw 4.2.1 (both) works for me.

    1. electron says:

      Thanks for the feedback and sharing the specifics of what worked for you!

  24. Edge Wireless says:

    Good help. We all are grateful

  25. Edge Wireless says:

    I also was experimenting guys on the other versions of redsn0w. I tried this RedSn0w 0.9.13dev4 (Windows): redsn0w_win_0.9.13dev4.zip and it did not have the error we get with the latest redsn0w.

    However nice work on the usb error

    1. electron says:

      Thanks for your feedback and sharing your experience as well. I am sure it will help others.

  26. s1avic says:

    I got this USB communication error when I successfully Jailbroke my 3g iphone then did a factory restore thru iTunes (to attempt to erase all data and identity on the device) then tried Jailbreaking it again using the same redSn0w version I used the first time (redsn0w_win_0.9.15b3). The combination that worked for me to fix it was using the latest redsn0w, 0.9.15b3, and manually downloading the iPhone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw for the iPhone 3g at http://www.jailbreakeye.com/ios/download-ios-4.2.1-firmware-ipsw. I then first manually loaded the downloaded IPSW file under the “Extras” button then in that same redsn0w session did a Jailbreak. Worked great, like it did the first time before I did the Factory Restore. Thanks for the guidance.

    1. electron says:

      Thanks for the details!

  27. lawadeene says:

    thanks it working i tried .

    1. electron says:

      Great. Thanks for the update!

  28. Vinay says:

    Thanx a lot..:) it worked like a charm

    1. electron says:

      Great! Glad to know it helped.

  29. burt says:

    it works great .. but now the wifi and bluetooth are unavailable also still searching ..can you help me ???

    1. electron says:

      Are you saying after successful unlock, the wifi and bluetooth not working? That sounds unusual. I suggest some simple troubleshooting like restart the phone… If nothing works then you can try updating to a different firmwire version

  30. lw says:

    this saved my ass so hard after 3 hours spent wobbling between error messages


    1. electron says:

      Hey, glad to know it helped!

  31. macka says:

    hi i had the same error tried everything, recboot- tiny umberella-fix recovery-redsnow 0.9.15.snowbreeze the lot. was getting the usb communication error and all the errors in i-tunes.
    Then i read this and remembered i had to do the same a few years back but i forgot–you reminded me :)
    im on iphone 3g 4.2.1 firmware–some fool tried to wipe the phone in settings and the cydia app must have become corrupt and stopped me from fresh installing 4.2.1 off my pc.
    so i downloaded the older version of redsnow (0.9.12b1zip) opened it-extras-select ispw selected custom ispw) then click jailbreak and it fixes the corrupt cydia. and fixes the installation of 4.2.1 and reboots. perfect. #### i made my custom firmware using sn0wbreeze-v2.9.14

    1. electron says:

      Thanks for sharing the feedback and experience!

  32. Dane says:

    I fought with this issue for 2 days now before seeing this, you definitely just made my day! thanks!

    1. electron says:

      Glad to know it helped! Thanks for the feedback

  33. james says:

    You da man !!

    I’ve been battling with my old 3G for two weeks .. I found your fix instructions and bingo .. I’m sorted .. it was the version of Redsn0w that was causing my problems .. used the one you recommended .. sorted.

    Many thanks bud!!

    1. electron says:

      Hey no problem! Glad to save some trouble for you!

  34. playsat Jorge says:

    Hello, the problem have easy fix.

    yo can try with redsn0w 0.9.14b1, manually specif ispw and do: jailbreak, ipad baseband downgrade.

    the problem is with the last redsn0w.


    El problema tiene f??cil soluci??n, utilizad el redsn0w 0.9.14b1 , seleccionais a mano el ispw 4.2.1, y le dais a jailbread, seleccionais ipad baseband downgrade.

    asi se soluciona, el problema viene dado por al ultima versi??n del redsn0w


    Grupo PlaySat

    1. electron says:

      Thanks for sharing that!

  35. Nenad says:

    Thank you sir!

    1. electron says:

      Thanks for the feedback Nenad

  36. Crispo says:

    Ohoo My God an error again bro about “Mounting disk0s2…..” pliiiiz help

    1. electron says:

      Mounting error on iPhone unlock?? That’s i have never heard off :)

  37. Crispo says:

    Your so ginius broooooo keeeeeeep it up………. it works….hahahahahahaah

  38. C-gor says:

    Redsn0w 0.9.12b1 with 4.2.1 ipsw worked for me after countless hours of trial and error

  39. brandon says:

    I just wanted to say that I am happy you wrote this and it helped immensely! The only thing I had to do to mine differently than you was I had to run redsn0w 0.9.15b3 first, click the box for “automatically exit wtf mode” in Extras>Even More>Preferences, then I had to switch over to redsn0w 0.9.12b1 and resume as per normal. :)

    1. electron says:

      hey brandon, thanks for the feedback and sharing your experience!

  40. jam says:

    merci beaucoup. Vous m’avez sauv?? la vie :)

  41. Micke says:

    Can’t believe it was the redsnow version – used the one you suggested and it worked – wasted like 6 hours the old way

  42. Rachael says:

    Thank you so much! USB Communication Error was boggling me, and nothing worked, and using an older version worked finally after 3 days of trying to figure it out!

  43. Daniel says:

    IT Works!!!!!!!!!

  44. Nathan says:

    This worked! Thank you! Been tearing my hair out until I found this, you’re the man

  45. Peter Talaat says:


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