Here I come! – Says Android

Android For FutureRecently I read an article on UK scientists about to launch a space satellite which is completely controlled by android OS. Just like this, now days I see so many innovative products developed on the tech world. Smart Phones, Smart Camera, Smart Gaming Device, Smart TV…,

Android – It’s not just another OS invented by humans, it is a tool that has a potential to expand and enhance human imagination for a better future.

The concept of hardware driven by a piece of software is not new. It has been in existence since the invention of electronic devices. From a simple digital clock up to complex satellite it’s all about hardware driven by software.

Android is like a bowl of clay given to children, you cannot really predict what they will come out of it and there are always infinite possibilities about how it can be shaped.

If you just think for few minutes you would probably get an idea for a new product.

What we need is an objective to make a smarter ‘something’. You will then work to develop an Android app and associated hardware (such as a display). When this hardware controlled by the app as you have planned, you have your smart device ready.

Coming out with new devices became very cost effective with the introduction of Android, because it’s free and flexible! The device manufacturers now have a strong and consumer friendly platform to play around. They don’t need to start from ground.

I often remind myself of this “It is the imagination that limits you, not the technology”

Within few years every device we have around us could be smart.

Smart Fridge, Smart Washing Machine, Smart Bike, Smart Watch, Smart Set top Box, Smart Tea Table, Smart Doors… You name it!

It’s definitely going to be an exciting journey for all us.

On a closing note – Thank you Google!!


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