How did i fix Windows 8 bluescreen of death/crashes

I am one of the earliest adapter of new technologies and will face the consequences (good or bad) very well. So i have made the advanced reservation for my copy of windows 8 before the release and installed it on the day of release into my one of Dell Studio Laptop.

The installation went well but the problems started later once the new OS started. I was continuously started seeing the bluescreen of death. In the earlier versions of windows such as XP the bluescreen of death will display a lot of alien terminologies and codes. But the new bluescreen of death seemed to be fairly simple (It doesn’t give you much info that you need to break your head with :))

Windows8 Bluescreen Crash, Windows8 Bluescreen of death

My PC worked for few minutes and i started seeing this screen again and again. Windows 8 comes with some advanced recovery options such as refresh and reset your PC. I have tried to refresh and reset twice (probably my whole day was gone). Nothing helped.

Then i have attempted to do something different, i was doubtful about my drivers compatibility with Windows 8 and my first suspect was display. I have ran into similar bluescreen problems which was related to mostly RAM or display. So i have decided to visit the Dell’s support website and downloaded and installed the latest display driver from there.

The dell’s website did not have the drivers for windows 8. Still i have downloaded the most latest version present there and installed. It looks like improved my PC a little. But the crash started occurring after 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes!

Finally i have decided to get into my graphic cards manufacturer website directly and look for any latest display driver. I had an AMD graphic card into my Dell studio. After a little bit of search i have found the latest display driver for my card from the AMD’s website and installed it.

Bingo! that worked. Now i no longer see the bluescreen and my laptop works perfect!

So the morals from this story:

  • Carefully choose to upgrade to Windows 8, there is no easy going back
  • Install the latest drivers don’t rely on Windows 8 to automatically choose all drivers for you
  • Don’t rely on the PC manufacturer’s website alone for the latest drivers, dig into the component’s manufacturer’s website as well
  • Windows 8 refresh and reset PC features not seems to be of much help so choose them (esp. the reset option) wisely

I hope this post saves somebody’s time out there!

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  1. goaneelias says:

    i have a problem with an error caled driver not less or equal or something like that and i have an outdated version for windows 8 were can I make the update

    1. electron says:

      Hey there! If you get the bluescreen and this error message within few minutes of starting your computer (or) while adjusting your brightness then most likely it’s a display driver compatibility issue. In this case you can go to the laptop manufacturer support website first and download and install the latest driver. If that does not helps then you can visit the display card (it’s a component) manufacturer website and download the latest drivers from them. If you can give me your laptop model number i can get you the links to download

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