How to Password Protect and Encrypt your External Hard Disk/USB Drives

As number of external Hard Disk and USB Flash drives at our household keeps increasing, it is important to pay attention to the security of our digital storage devices. Windows7 offers a handy utility to password protect and encrypt your External hard Drives and USB Flash Drives.


Here are some simple steps to password protect and encrypt your External Storage Devices:

  • Connect your external hard drive or USB drive into your computer
  • Right click on them and click the option ???Turn on Bitlocker??????
  • Enter a strong password to protect your drive (the password will also be used for encryption in the consecutive steps)



  • You will be offered a password recovery key, store it in a safe place
  • After your confirmation the encryption will start
  • Depending on the storage capacity of your drive it might take few hours to few days (for high capacity external drives).
  • The best part is you can pause the encryption process at any point of time and disconnect your drive and connect it again later to resume the encryption process


Once the encryption is complete, the data stored on the drive will be only accessible with the password you have configured.




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