Inside Job – ‘Greed’ is the Path for Destruction

Recently I have got a chance to view the documentary film ‘Inside Job’ developed by Sony. The ‘Inside Job’ was truly amazing and explains the inside out of how the big corporate caused the recession step by step and ultimately proved the old story – ??’Greed is the big plague of mankind’.

The film clearly revealed how the rating agencies fooled the common man by providing big buy recommendation and top ratings for dump stocks for the benefit of big corporate. Some of the top ratings like AA+ were retained for companies on the very day they were bankrupting. It was scary to realize that how badly these rating agencies were corrupt and how many people would have lost their hard earned money because of them.

It was also so annoying to see during the court investigation the representatives of these rating agencies always answered (so casually!) like a recorded voice – ‘it was just our opinion!’

The message was so clear – the big bankers and financial institutions never wanted to be regulated and the regulators controlled like a pawn by them

The movie concludes with a painful fact – the culprits who caused the destruction still living happily out there and wealthier than ever before while many of the common man lost every hard earned penny in their life!


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