JPG file size optimization without compromising the quality

Here is a small tip which could significantly improve the performance of your website just for paying attention to a small detail, the jpg file compression quality. We always tend to save the jpg images to its maximum quality (90-100%) assuming that we get the best looking visual.

However the 10% compression quality difference could make almost minimal visual difference yet a significant file size difference.

Let’s study the case below:




Jpg Quality at original size (not optimized)

In Original Quality (100%), File Size – 134 KB


JPG compressed to 90% of original Quality

90% of Original Image Quality, File Size – 57 KB


JPG compressed to 80% of original Quality

80% of Original Image Quality, File Size – 37 KB


JPG compressed to 50% of original Quality

50% of Original Image Quality, File Size – 37 KB


If you compare the image is in full quality (100%) against the 80% or 90% its really hard to make out any difference visually, yet you will notice the file size is reduced significantly. However below 80% you will start noticing the quality difference.

So always save (compress) your jpg images in 80% or 90% of its original quality (most of the image editors have the capability for adjusting compression quality). This will hardly make any difference with visual quality yet would improve the loading performance significantly for your applications/websites.


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