Be prepared for the flat tire with a $37 Investment

Flat tire preparationAll is well on a sunny vacation day, a wide freeway, fun with your family until… you end up with this nasty surprise – ‘flat tire’ . How many of us prepared for it?

Changing the tire for ourselves from the modern cars may not be an easy task, we would prefer push a little forward until we find a reasonable place to halt and deal with it.

You could consider storing these two stuff at your car to deal with such unforeseen events. Very economical, handy and hardly needs any space.



Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump (or a similar mechanical pump)

Flat tire readiness

Instead of using the electric pumps which are hard to operate and could well drain your battery quickly, this pump is completely hand operated and used for bicycle yet compatible to fill the air for any car tubeless tires in minutes. It costs less than $30 at amazon.


Slime Digital Tire Gauge

Flat tire preparationElectronic tire gauge will be very handy to measure the tire pressure accurately and very easy to use. It costs about $9 at walmart’s website.

Keep these two at your car all the time. Notice how you feel the next time you take your car for a long drive!




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