How to remove corrupt Windows7 Applications/Programs

Microsoft Windows??- ??The whole world depends on it every day. Some love it some hate it but it is a ‘familiar ghost’ for all and we are not afraid of facing any troubles with it.

I am trying to take one trouble off your list through this post.

We install or remove a lot of programs on windows.

Does one of the scenarios below sounds familiar?

  • You are attempting to uninstall a program through ‘programs and features’ option and it fails to uninstall with useless errors
  • You are attempting to install a program and it fails at the very end and it also fails to reverse all its attempted actions
  • You are trying to upgrade some program with a newer version but older program fails to uninstall properly and throws error
  • You see traces of old programs which you have attempted to uninstall long ago

In the past if we want perform some cleanup we will have to browse through so many files/folders, delete them and clean the related registry entries manually. No wonder it was such a pain.

Microsoft occasionally comes up with some good stuff to help us with such issues.

Microsoft developed free tool called ‘Fix it’ to take care of uninstallation/cleanup issues. This tool was earlier called as ‘windows installer cleanup’ but now Microsoft enhanced this take care of installation issues as well.

Here are the steps to perform the cleanup with the help of ‘Fix It’ tool:


Windows7 Uninstallation/Cleanup of corrupt/damaged programs


  • If you have any specific programs for cleanup in mind then I would recommend to choose the manual option for taking specific actions
  • On the next step choose the ‘uninstalling’ option
  • The tool will scan and list all the available programs (properly working or corrupt)
  • Choose the program you want to remove from the list and proceed


Windows7 Fix Cleanup Failed Installation/Uninstallation


  • Now sit back and relax for few minutes and the tool will take care of the cleanup – All files, folders, registry entries and other unknown mess will be cleaned up
  • Once the wizard is complete verify the targeted program is removed completely, if you have previously failed in updating some program, then try that again


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  1. IvanH says:

    Fix-It requires the Product Code of your software in trouble. For instance, your troubled installation software is Not Listed. If you’re installing a trial version there may be no Product Code and you can’t use Fix-It by yourself. You need to call Microsoft Support and they will intrude into your computer to fix the installation / uninstallation for you.

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