RTMP streaming video using Articulate/Articulate Storyline

Both Articulate e-learning studio and Articulate Storyline tools do not support RTMP streaming video by default. They only support progressive streaming video. However in some scenarios you would be required to use the video from RTMP streaming server such as Flash Media Server. You cannot directly insert the video link as a web object into articulate or articulate storyline.

To tackle this problem I have developed a workaround solution. You will have to use the Adobe Flash to do the streaming job, export the .swf as an independent file and insert into articulate or articulate storyline.

To start, first create a flash file to perform the RTMP video streaming. You can make use of FLVPlayback component from Adobe Flash for this purpose. It will really make your life easy.

Add your RTMP streaming video URL into the contentPath property of FLVPlayback component. The URL format will look like


RTMP video usage with FLVPlayback component

You can now export the flash file and insert into Articulate or Articulate Storyline Slide.

If you are using Articulate then insert this flash file as a ‘Flash Movie’ into your slide. You will have to make sure the flash file is not synchronized to slide playback because the video is streaming from the external RTMP server and not embedded on the flash timeline.


RTMP streaming video in Articulate

Articulate Setting


When you use articulate you can even call the articulate API to control the player functionalities during or after the video playback.

If you are using Articulate Storyline then insert the flash file using Insert > Flash option into your slide.


RTMP streaming video in Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline Setting


As I write this post, Articulate Storyline SDK is not yet released. So you cannot give commands to storyline player from Flash at this point. You will have to let the user to navigate to next slide manually.


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