Storyline Bookmark/Resume Functionality for HTML5/iPad – Non LMS Option

Articulate Storyline does supports LMS Bookmarking, but there may few special scenarios where you would need alternative options for LMS bookmarking.

For example – your LMS and contents are in two different domains, or your LMS does not support bookmarking.

There is a work around to handle this issue. We can make use of local storage functionality to store and retrieve the learner progress. This is supported in iPad mobile safari browser when cookies are enabled (cookies enabled by default setting).

To ensure cookies enabled on iPad visit:

Settings > Safari > Privacy > Accept Cookies

Accept Cookies Option should be set to Always or From Visited


On the storyline front before publishing the course visit:

Home > Player (under Publish Group)

Storyline Publish Setting Group


Launch Player Properties > Other

Storyline Custom Setting


Uncheck the option When running in LMS, ignore Flash Cookie

Storyline Bookmark/Resume Functionality through Cookie


Now publish the course for LMS with HTML5 format (AICC/SCORM). When the course is resumed in LMS the learner should see the resume option like shown below.

How to enable Storyline Bookmark/Resume Functionality


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