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SuccessFactors iPad AppSuccessFactors iPad App

SuccessFactors (formerly Plateau) LMS is one of the most powerful Learning Management System in the market and one of the most favorite LMS for big corporates. I am summarizing some of the details I have learned about their next generation SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) LMS in this post.

The SaaS version of the LMS is offered as a part of their BizX suite TMS (Talent Management System).


As you can see the picture below the BizX suite includes a lot of packages related to workforce management (Hiring, Professional Development, Compensation etc.). However at this point the learning industry well recognizes only the LMS part of (which was acquired from Plateau systems as Plateau LMS later rebranded as SuccessFactors LMS). We will have to wait and watch about how this entire BizX suite works out with the learning industry.


Where the new SaaS LMS fits into the SuccessFactors BizX Suite

Where the new SaaS LMS fits into the SuccessFactors BizX Suite

Even though BizX suite is a big package, organizations can pick one or more packages from this suite (for e.g. just SuccessFactors Learning).


The SuccessFactors SaaS LMS

SaaS LMS as the name signifies, the LMS software is no longer going to be sold as a product rather it is going to be sold as a service. So the LMS will be hosted and managed by the SuccessFactors and service is going to be priced based on selected features and user base. This is in line with the industry’s cloud trend.

SaaS model LMS going to be referred in ‘b’ series such as SuccessFactors b1302. The previous versions used to be referred in numbers such as 6.3, 7.1 etc.

The new SaaS LMS includes some new social learning features such as courses can be rated by Learners (after integrating with their JAM platform).

The new Learning platform also offers some smooth integration with the parent BizX suite. For example, a competency requirement can originate from the BizX suite and the necessary learning content can be auto-assigned on the Learning Platform based on the competency. The competency rating (based on the learning achieved) can be passed back into BizX suite again.

SaaS version of the LMS also removes the dependency to have the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) plug-in installed on the learner’s computer for recording completions. This is a big sigh of relief for the e-learning developers as many of the user complaints managed today are around java plug-ins.

The new LMS includes an Ad Hoc Report Designer feature for creating custom reports.

The new SaaS version also has a better integration with Cisco WebEx conferencing solution.



iContent is an optional CaaS Service (Content-as-a-Service) with the SaaS LMS. It is also sold as an independent offering.

iContent highlights:

  • It is a cloud content hosting service for the LMS
  • The content is validated for functionality before deployed to learners
  • New content can be added with Lectora Online
  • Offers a catalog of 3rd party courses along with the existing courses (owned by your organization)
  • Content updates (on the 3rd party courses) automatically managed as a part of this offering
SuccessFactors SaaS LMS - iContent Demo Interface

iContent Demo Interface
Credit: SuccessFactors.com


Mobile Learning

The SuccessFactors BizX app (which includes the LMS mobile interface as apart into it) supported in all the major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Blackberry.

The following major functionalities supported through mobile app:

  • Learning content can be viewed (in SCORM 1.2 and AICC format)
  • Learning Plan (termed as to-do list) can be viewed and managed
  • Schedule Offering Sessions can be registered (classroom sessions)
  • Training requests can be approved/denied


SuccessFactors BizX iPad App

SuccessFactors BizX iPad App
Credit: SuccessFactors.com

I would be adding more detailed information about the SaaS version in the coming days. You can keep track of them using the subscribe option available on the right side bar.



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