Transferring Samsung Phone Contacts into your iPhone

How would you transfer all your samsung mobile phone contacts/data into your iPhone? Typing manually? Not at all a good idea. It’s going to take ages!

Here are some tips about how you can move your contact/data from a samsung mobile into iPhone.







Simple Work Around:


Importing SIM Contacts

Step 1 – iPhone comes up with a feature of importing contacts stored in SIM card. So if you have all the contacts stored in the SIM card then load this SIM into iPhone

Step 2 – From your iPhone navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calenders. You will find a button Import SIM Contacts here. When you press this all the SIM contacts will be loaded into phone.

Well, Life is not that simple always. We tend to store the contacts in phone memory for variety of reasons, for example the SIM card doesn’t support storage of any additional information (not even basic details like first and last names!) about the contact and even the length allowed for the contact name is very limited.

If you have not saved any such additional details about the contact then you can copy your phone contacts into SIM card then repeat the procedure above to transfer the contacts into iPhone.

Complete Work Around

Let’s take a real time case. You have stored all your contacts and so many additional details like first name, last name, multiple numbers, address, picture etc about your contacts in your phone. In this case it’s almost impossible to transfer the contacts through SIM card. But there is still some indirect work around to transfer the contacts from a samsung mobile into iPhone.

Here is the trick,

The iTunes has a provision to synchronize the contacts from the outlook. So if you manage to bring all your contacts into your outlook personal contacts folder then you can use the iTunes to sync all contacts into your iPhone.

Step 1 – You need to download and configure the Samsung mobile application called PC studio. It’s free and available to download from??http://www.samsung.com/us/support/downloads

Step 2 – Install this application into your laptop. This is a powerful application developed by Samsung. Through this app you will have provision to transfer almost all your phone data into your laptop.

Step 3 -Link your Samsung phone into this app, you will have multiple options to do this. Bluetooth is one easy option. If you have a data cable (usually comes with the phone) you can connect the samsung phone through serial interface as well.

Note: I have observed a problem with my samsung star model phone when i have tried connecting it with this software (PC studio) through bluetooth mode. The PC studio software will ask you to configure the phone for the PC Connections > Samsung PC studio option. But it doesn’t really connect until you change it to PC Connections > Mass Storage option. I am not sure if this will be the case with all samsung phones though.

Step 4 – Once you manage to connect your phone with PC studio, use the Phonebook app to import all the contacts from phone (refer image below) into your PC.

PC Studio Contacts Import

Importing Contacts from Through PC Studio



Step 5 – Once the phone contacts imported, you can use the Phonebook app again to export them as outlook vCard (.vcf) files. You can import these contacts into outlook now.

Step 6 – From the ??iTunes select your phone and on the right side select the Info tab. You will see options to sync the outlook contacts now. It should take less than a minute to sync it up!


PC Studio Contacts Export

Exporting vCard files from PC Studio

Note: There is an additional step involved here. Outlook can’t import multiple vCard files in one step. So you will need a utility to speed it up. Read my post below (I have developed a free utility for this!)

Free batch vCard (.vcf) import utility for Outlook

Well, these steps might feel like a bit lengthier, but believe me it’s way faster than typing contacts one by one. You can also copy the memo data from samsung phone into outlook notes area and sync them into iPhone instead of typing them again.

Any doubts? Feel free to post your questions at the comments area and i will be glad to help you out. I will be writing a post for transferring phone contacts from Nokia phones into iPhone later!


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  1. Rosa says:

    The steps are really useful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tanuj says:

    These instructions were very useful for me and Thanks for posting!!!!!

    1. electron says:

      You are welcome!

  3. keiri says:

    samsung does not have a download for my phone- Samsung Focus i 917

    1. electron says:

      Are you saying the samsung PC studio software not compatible with your model of phone?

  4. Raj says:

    Hello good day to you.
    I am Raj, not good in computers.
    I cannot get this to work.
    I am using microsoft office 2007.

    I followed the instructions…
    When I press import it goes to this box

    ” Microsoft Visual Basic”

    Compile error:

    User-defined type not defined

    What am I doing wrong please?

    1. electron says:

      Hello Raj,

      Check the troubleshooting info written at the end of this post: http://www.electronmedia.in/wp/archives/213, I suspect you are missing some reference dlls to enable the file handling functions in your outlook. It’s very easy. Let me know if that helps.

  5. Mark says:

    Thanks mate. Appreciate this big time!

  6. Al says:

    Thanks for the instructions – was able to transfer the address book contacts from my Samsung Highlight to Outlook using the Samsung PC Studio application. Menu/Settings/Phone Settings/USB Settings needs to be set to Samsung PC Studio to connect to a PC and the Samsung SW. You also have to have a USB cable to your phone. Once connected, in the Address book, transfer data from phone to PC as vCard files to some folder in your PC. I then used the above VB application to import all vCard files at once – you have to use the above VB app otherwise you have to import them into Outlook one at a time. Note that I had to check a couple of boxes in the electron’s VB file instructions to get it to work (got the error message he mentions). Success! Now I can use iTunes to transfer contacts to my iPhone.

  7. Kaizad F Gutta says:

    thanks a Million !!! your suggestion on workaround by making a vcf file from Samsung backup is a life saver.

    step 1) called from *.npf file (for Samsung phones) which was created as a backup by me ,

    I selected all contacts together and exported to PC which created individual vcf files on PC (thru New PC studio installed on PC) ,

    step 2)then copying from PC to any folder in my other non Samsung phone and reading them thru its import option in Contacts.

    1. electron says:

      Thanks for the feedback Kaizad!

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