How to Convert Select Excel Cells into Comma Separated Values (CSV) with VBA

Here is a simple yet powerful technique to convert selected cell values (rows or columns or mix of cells) into comma separated values (CSV) or delimited text format with the help of VBA. This will be useful when you want to merge cell values together quickly (from a key board shortcut for example) and use those values into search fields in web pages/web applications.



Sub SelectCellsToCSV()

Dim buildStr As String

Dim oCell As Range

Dim tempStr As String

Dim iDed As Integer

Dim clipboard As MSForms.DataObject

Set clipboard = New MSForms.DataObject

buildStr = ""

iDed = 0

For Each oCell In Selection.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible)

tempStr = oCell.Value

If iDed = 0 Then

buildStr = tempStr


'Ignore the blank cells on the selection'

If (Len(tempStr)>0) Then

buildStr = buildStr + "," + tempStr

End If

End If

'use this variable if you need the count'

iDed = iDed + 1


clipboard.SetText buildStr


End Sub

This VBA procedure navigates through the selected cells and merges their values together with comma (,) symbol. The code also ignores the blank cells.

The merged cell values as string will be copied into clip board.

Note: If the code does not work then make sure the reference – Microsoft Form 2.0 Object Library is added into your library (From macros window navigate to Tools > References and add this reference). This library is required for accessing clipboard.


Converting Excel Cell values into CSV


You can assign this code into a shortcut key or to a custom button for quick access. If you are unsure about how then refer these posts –

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