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Walmart's public resistance





If you are tracking the events in India, you would have probably noticed the tough resistance by the public(?) against Walmart’s entry despite the Indian government approved the foreign investment into retail sector. If you are wondering it’s just in India, you are probably wrong. It’s not just in India, even at US when Walmart trying to make an entry into a new area, the local public will try to do everything to stop them.

When i say the public, in most cases it does not refers to actual public or in other words the consumers. The real resistance comes from the small and medium businesses. Every business things that Walmart could easily crush them. India is full of these small business such as street side grocery and they are such a massive crowd. When they protest together against Walmart’s entry in many cases it is shown as a face of public.

All these businesses might have their own reasons to be afraid of Walmart. Besides if not Walmart today, the competition will come from somewhere else tomorrow. But me as a consumer, I always want to have bigger and better players in the market which in turn triggers healthy competition with price and quality.

The businesses always comes up with a scarier story such as Walmart will crush everyone else and when they standout at the end, they will increase the prices as they wish. This cannot be true, even at US after the Walmart stores are well established for a long time, they still stays competitive in price and for the consumers their stores are one of the best place to save money.

Walmart in IndiaThere were even some more crazy events occurred in India around this issue. The oppositions parties fought long enough and brought in the voting at the parliament to decide upon the Foreign Retail Investment. After the big drama the voting succeeded and confirmed this investment. The businessman on the protest now urges to take a public voting (like an election!!) for this issue, which is totally rubbish!

Anyways, in my opinion Walmart may be doing somethings right and some others wrong, who cares Every business now a days have their own positives and negatives. Walmart not necessarily to be a Villain for everyone. As a consumer i get good products at affordable prices and that’s what matters me most. I don’t see any reason to stick to the same old vendors i have been living with. Not to forget, many local Indian groceries never reduce a single rupee from the MRP (Maximum retail price) and never worry about expiration for most of the loosely sold goods. Why should i rely on these guys all over my life? A change could be always good! So my vote goes to Walmart’s entry into India. How about you?


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