What makes your iPhone battery live unusually longer compare to a standard mobile phone?

iPhone battery lifeEver wondered why you don’t need to replace your iPhone battery like a normal cell phone battery frequently? Compare to standard mobile phones and other typical handheld devices, apple products like iPhone utilizes a battery type called Lithium Ion Polymer.

These type of batteries used almost in all the apple products such as iPod/iPhone/iPad/Mac.

The Lithium Ion Polymer or Li-Poly in short form batteries usually have a very long life compare to standard Li-Ion or nickel batteries. These batteries built as smaller cells/units to supply the power collectively.

Unlike conventional batteries Li-Poly batteries are very light weight in nature and can be built almost any shape and as thin as a credit card. As the mobile and handheld device manufacturers trying to bring down the weight and dimension of the gadgets continuously, Li-Poly batteries are real gift for them.

Apple claims that there battery’s storage capacity is retained up to 80% of its original state for a very long time. The trick is the way charging/discharging cycle works. Let’s say if you are using your iPhone for 2 days and battery goes down by 50% you charge it to the full power. With ordinary battery this counts as one cycle but with apple gadgets it counts as half cycle. That means if you repeat the same for the 2nd time then it counts as 1 cycle. Number of charge/discharge cycles is a key metric in a battery life.

The similar battery type powers the Amazon Kindle series gadgets and PlayStation 3 wireless controller.

However these batteries come with few drawbacks as well, Li-Poly batteries usually require longer charging period and they shouldn’t overcharged as well. The risk of battery explosion is also high with these batteries!


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