When Google Chrome Fails to Load Pages

Chrome Not Loading PagesI am one of the early adopters of the google chrome browser since the initial days of it’s release. All was going well for years and suddenly my chrome started failing to load web pages like the internet suddenly got disconnected. The internet connection however was pretty normal and my Internet explorer and Firefox able to connect to internet but chrome failed to do so.

I have tried to perform some basic debugging such as checking proxy settings, internet stability test etc, everything seemed to be normal. The strange part was if i restart my laptop the chrome will work properly for a while then the problem recurred again.

Whenever i am direction less with such issues i use to search the public forums, but surprisingly the they did not help! Am i the only one facing this problem, i could not believe!

Can the proxy settings be problem, no because chrome shares the proxy settings of IE. I found a little plug-in for chrome called switchy. I have installed this plug-in and backed up the proxy settings for the import when the connectivity fails. When the next time issue recurred i have tried import the backed up switchy settings. That didn’t help as well. That means it was obviously not proxy related.

Tried re-installing the chrome just for a hope, as expected that did not fix the problem either.

After weeks of troubleshooting the frustration was growing because i was so much addicted to this damn browser for surfing. One fine day it clicked, can it be some firewall problem. My standard windows firewall was disabled, so the only possible suspect could be the firewall bundled with the anti-virus programs. I had a mcAfee anti-virus bundled with a firewall. After digging down a little into firewall settings i have figured out that for the chrome program the firewall had some weird setting that will block the outgoing communication whereas for all other browsers and allowable application the setting was ‘full’ (means full access).

I have then changed setting for chrome to allow the full traffic and the issue seemed to be fixed after that. It was a lesson for me that i viewed the issue in one same direction for weeks, that is something to do with the proxy or browser, never thought about possible firewall block!

Chrome Fails to Load Pages

mcAfee Firewall Setting to free Chrome







Just out of curiosity then searched the web again to figure out what is the relationship between this damn browser and the damn mcAfee firewall and looks like a lot of people complained about the same thing. Not sure whether chrome would fix this or mcAfee but hope this clue helps somebody out there fighting with the same issue.


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