WordPress Not Sending E-mails on Shared Host – Troubleshooting Steps

When your wordpress blog hosted on a shared windows/linux platforms, you might encounter issues with wordpress auto generated E-mails. Some of the example scenarios when no e-mail notifications would trigger:

  • During new user registration
  • Password recovery
  • Comments Moderation


I am explaining 2 simple checkpoints to troubleshoot and fix these issues. These steps mainly apply when your wordpress blog is in shared hosting (windows or linux):


Step 1 ??? Ensure your PHP setup is capable of sending E-mails:

Create a test PHP script (e.g. testmail.php) with a code shown below and call this file to send a test e-mail:

Replace the recipient@example.com with your recipient e-mail ID and moderator@yourdomain.com with a valid e-mail ID from your domain (sender info).


<?php mail ('recipient@example.com', "Test Subject", "Test Body Content", 'From: Admin <moderator@yourdomain.com>'); ?>


If the e-mail received successfully then your PHP configuration is good and there are chances that your SMTP settings are to be configured. Fortunately, there is a plug-in to simplify this task.


Step 2 ??? Configure your SMTP settings. Download and activate the plug-in Configure SMTP. From your wordpress administration interface navigate to Settings > SMTP

Configure the following Settings:

  • Specify your SMTP host (usually it will be mail.yourdomain.com or smtp.yourdomain.com)
  • Check the Use SMTPAuth? box and provide a valid e-mail ID and password for your domain (your e-mail credentials used for logging into webmail or outlook)
  • Sender E-mail ??? Make sure you specify a valid E-mail ID here to avoid SPAM issues. For example, if you are sending as foo@gmail.com from your domain example.com then either sending or receiving server can reject the message considering it as SPAM
  • Specify a sender Name (usually optional)
  • Save the settings and Try sending a test e-mail using the option available at the end of plug-in settings page. Hopefully now the e-mail notification would work properly.




Step 3 ??? If both the steps above fails, then consider sending e-mail via gmail (the very first setting above) Or Refer this page for some additional troubleshooting steps.


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